This is your last critical marketing move for 2014 (If you want 10 – 15 referrals per month in 2015)

A quick warning – this is ONLY for chiropractors
that are 100% serious about taking their practice and income to the next level.

I’m talking about receiving 10 (or more) referrals per month on total AUTOPILOT!

So, let me ask you – How Bad Do You Want To Grow?

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If you have 20 minutes and 12 seconds, you can learn how to:

  • Meet Medical Doctors and specialists in your city FACE-To-FACE who are already looking to meet, work with and/or refer to you.
  • Generate PRE-QUALIFIED prospective patients who call YOU all year long. Build your name, brand and fame in your city so you become the most recognized, most respected and most referred to Chiropractor in your town!
  • Implement consistent (and compliant) marketing efforts each month that generate a steady flow of referrals and new patients!
  • Position yourself as “the best” at what you do in your town WITHOUT ever bragging!
  • Penetrate your market and become the Chiropractor people think of first, when they are ready to see a Chiropractor.
  • And, more…

This VIDEO is focused on helping you drive in NEW patients right NOW…and a steady CONSISTENT flow of new patients AND referrals all year long …

and how to literally automate the growth of your practice in 2015.

How bad do you want it?

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Dr. Len

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    If you can handle at least 30 – 60 EXTRA new patients (referrals) per year from Medical Doctors and Specialists - Would you like us to call you if we have MDs and Specialists in YOUR city that are looking to meet, work with and/or refer to you?


    What is the size of your practice?

    What is your biggest challenge?

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