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Do You Want To Receive Mid-To-High Net Worth Referrals From Financial Professionals and CPAs In Your City?

“Generate Pre-Screened, Pre-Qualified Prospects That Lock Out Your Competitors And Acquire An Extra 2 – 4 Mid-HNW and/or UHNW New Clients Every Month WITHOUT Marketing or Prospecting”

I’d like to introduce you to Attorney – “Mr. Top 1%”, Daniel. 

Dan wasn’t always a Top 1% Attorney…

He was a regular Attorney, prospecting and grinding it out every day, trying to find new clients to talk to.

He wasn’t talking to enough quality prospects every week, and was desperate to find ready-to-sign-on-the-dotted line new clients.

He spent a ton of money on leads, lead lists, seminars, direct mail, ads, wine-and-dine dinners, event, etc…

…and he would follow up, text, and call again…

Only to get hit with emails and text messages like this:

“Can you stop bothering me, I’m not interested.”

Even worse…
Dan felt like he was ruining his reputation, and that people thought he was desperate and unprofessional. (He hated that!)
All along, he KNEW he was better than that!
Dan also felt the frustration of flushing A LOT of hard-earned money down the drain on prospects that were now being thrown away.

Leads were sitting there on his computer going cold…
…and he was losing money…even though it wasn’t his fault.

Common problem for Attorneys, huh? 

Dan knew he was a great Attorney, and that people would be lucky to work with him…YET, he was the one on the prospecting treadmill every day chasing clients.

Throughout his entire 20-year career, he constantly wondered…
“There must be a smarter, easier, more professional way
to get qualified, AFFLUENT, ready-to-get-started prospects to CHASE me.”

And he KNEW that if he could establish a high level of TRUST before he ever met with these prospects…

He could get prospects to respect AND value him enough to ask him, “Will you accept me as your new client?”

Figuring out how to actually DO this was no picnic!

In fact, Dan didn’t know one Attorney that had prospects chasing them every week.

Then one day,
Dan saw a Video from one of my clients, Gene.

Gene talked about how he generated $100,000 in income in his first
90 days of working together without marketing, cold outreach or prospecting.

These were the results of Gene’s Case Study:

Gene’s new Clients and income skyrocketed! 

And Gene’s new clients were ALL HNW, pre-screened, pre-qualified,
and ready-to-get-started.

And the cost to generate these new clients every month = $ZER0

So, How did Gene & Dan turn their practices around (and work LESS)?

They used the ONE (1) marketing effort that will NEVER go out of style…gives you direct access to 100’s (probably 1000’s)
of your ideal, affluent, Mid-HNW and UHNW clients EVERY month… helps you become the Go-To Expert in your area….gets prospects to CHASE you…and generates perfect new clients every month – until you decide to “turn it off”.

I’m talking about…
Referral Relationships with CPAs, Accountants, Advisors and other Attorneys.

* You already know that COIs (Centers of Influence) have all of the new clients you want.
* You already know that referrals make the best new clients.

I didn’t invent referral relationships OR referrals…

✅ What I DID create is a proprietary “Reverse-the-Chase” Referral Relationship PROCESS that creates a BRIDGE for the CPA, Accountant, Advisor or Attorney to reach out to you first…to ask YOU to discuss how to work together and establish a referral relationship opportunity.

Right now, as you read this…
there are (at least) 20 – 40 CPAs, Accountants, Advisors and/or Attorneys in your that are interested in talking to you about how you can work together and establish a mutually beneficial referral relationship. 

The 1st Important QUESTION for you…
Are you open to working with and receiving Mid-HNW and UHNW referrals from 10 – 20 COIs in your area every month?

If you said, “Yes!”…

If THEY reach out to you first and ask you to set up a call to discuss the possibility of establishing a mutually beneficial referral relationship…( Probably generate 20+ HNW new clients every year)…

Would you take that call?

If you said, “Yes”…this is HOW it works.

For starters…

Chasing, cold calling, the surprise drop-by, cold texting on LinkedIn or Facebook, cold emailing them with requests to work together – can make you look desperate (even if you’re not) and scares most COIs.

(Remember, they get dozens of annoying, salesy, unprofessional solicitation requests from other Attorneys in your area every week.)


As you know,
CPAs, Accountants and other Attorneys are afraid to refer their clients to just any Attorney…

Simply because they don’t want to risk their good reputation
by sending clients to the WRONG Attorney…

And the LAST thing they want to do is to ruin their relationship
with their best and most cherished clients.

But, this is where YOU come in!

Once CPAs, Accountants, Advisors and other Attorneys in your area understand how AND why YOU are better/different than everyone else… and why they can TRUST you

The whole dynamic changes…
You shift the balance of power to you
Their fear about referring to you disappears…

àThe “PROCESSES” that we use are called:

Expert Positioning” and “Rapid Trust Building”.

This is HOW you “Reverse-the-Chase”,
and get COIs to want to reach out and talk to you.
(Read that again – COIs will be reaching out to you first!)

And this is IMPORTANT – These referral relationships do NOT require you to refer back or split fees either.

Now…I know this may be hard to wrap your head around…

Let’s review:

Here are more details…

WHY does this work?
Because EVERYONE wants to work with AND refer to “the best”.

The best part?

The COIs do ALL of the pre-screening and pre-qualifying for you.

Which means…
Their referrals are already interested and Pre-Sold on hiring you.

And because you were referred and recommended by their trusted CPA, Accountant or Attorney…

You will enjoy a level of trust and respect BEFORE they meet you …that you likely have only experienced with close friends and family.

The before and after for most Advisors, looks like this: 

You may have seen (or experienced) the same “numbers”?


Prospects that aren’t ready to get started steal your time,
and usually require months of follow up or fall through the cracks.

(Unfortunately, most of those leads are on the long road to nowhere.) 

And time is money.

This is why I created…:

You already know that CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys
have 100’s, (probably 1000’s) of your ideal, perfect clients right NOW.

When you know HOW to set up Referral Relationships correctly…

Referral Relationships are the ONLY guaranteed, consistent and PASSIVE way to receive pre-screened, pre-qualified new clients every month, all year long.

And, when you have 10 – 20 SOURCES of HNW clients referring to you…

You’ll typically receive 20 – 40 HNW new clients every year…

And, the positive word-of-mouth “ripple effect” helps you build your name, brand, fame and reputation as the go-to Expert in your profession, in your region.

And that makes you and your practice 100% recession proof.

This is what I call, “Eat-for-Life” Marketing.

Most of your colleagues have chosen “Eat-for-the-Day” Marketing

Let me show you…

How is this different from everything you’ve done before?

When you know how to “Reverse-the-Chase” and get COIs to chase you and ask you to talk about how you can work together – YOU can control the number of referral sources AND new clients you acquire every month.

PLUS, when you know how to communicate your VALUE and Expert Positioning, and use Rapid Trust Building – you accelerate the get to know, like and TRUST process. (That means more referrals.)


Warren Buffet said, “It’s not how fast or hard you row your boat, it’s how fast the stream is going.”

You already work hard… you just need LEVERAGE.

You need a FASTER stream of quality, perfect prospects and new clients.

You don’t need to row faster!

Relying on existing client referrals, hoping people find you, asking friends/family, buying and chasing leads, cold outreach, seminars, webinars, paid advertising, etc., is a SLOW STREAM.

While most of your colleagues are buying or chasing leads…
YOU are going to LEVERAGE the ASSETS (clients) of COIs in your area…and get direct access to 100’s – 1000’s of qualified, affluent, HNW and UHNW prospects every month (a FASTER stream).

Even better…
Less than 1% of your colleagues do this…which gives you a completely unfair competitive advantage.

How do I know this will work for you?

Every Advisor we work with prefers to wake up to new,
scheduled appointments with pre-qualified prospects.

After helping over 1400 clients since 2004…
I have helped more of your colleagues secure referral relationships than anyone else in the history of your profession.

I’m just going to give you the “How To Secure 10 – 20 Referral Relationship Process” – so you can start securing referral relationships AND receiving referrals/new clients every month.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. You get access to the Program (training) and use it for about 15 – 30 minutes per day.
  2. COIs start to reach out to you via email and/or call you at your office.
    *Remember, you will not be reaching out (in any way) to any COI.
  3. You’ll talk to these COIs about you, your services, unique qualifications, how you help people, and how you can start working together.
  4. You can expect to start securing referral relationships (and/or referrals) in your first 7 – 14 days.
  5. All, WITHOUT cold outreach, dealing with gatekeepers, looking desperate or unprofessional.


Would you like to join us?

Our Advisors literally wake up to scheduled appointments throughout the month – referrals/new clients from COIs that want to talk to you about how you can help them and learn how to get started.

That means…
X NO more worrying about how to acquire at least 2 – 4 qualified
new clients every month (from January – December).
X NO more buying leads or lead lists
X NO more cold outreach…
X NO more wasted time or money chasing people
X NO more trying to figure out how to add $10k – $100k per month
in income.

Instead…you will…:

✅ Get COIs to reach out to you first…
✅ Secure 10, 20 even 30 Referral Relationships…
✅ Get access to 100’s (probably 1000’s) of your ideal clients
✅ Receive 2 – 4 pre-screened, pre-qualified new clients every month
✅Add $10k – $100k per month in income (depending on who you work with)

And…You get to control how many new clients you acquire every month.

Here are a few more Details for you:

* This works best for Financial Advisors that have a great reputation.
* This works best for Advisors that have a proven track record of success.
* This works best for Advisors that have 15 – 30 minutes per day
to implement and talk to prospects.

* This works best for Advisors that have 3+ years of experience.
* This works best for Advisors that prefer to have their ideal prospects/clients reach out to them directly – so they can just talk to pre-screened, pre-QUALIFIED prospects that have reached out with interest.
* This is for Financial Advisors that want to be able to stop prospecting.
* This is for Financial Advisors that want to be the Go-To Expert
and Trusted Authority in their region.

* This is for Advisors that have the time and bandwidth to talk to (and/or onboard) an extra 2 – 4 (or more) HNW new clients every month.
* This is for Advisors that are 100% committed to adding at least 20k – 60k per month.

Why will this work for you?

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true…

Ask yourself…

Do you think it’s reasonable to expect to receive
TWO (2) referrals, per year, per COI?

If you said, “Yes”…

Do the math…
10 – 20 referral relationships = 20 – 40 referrals/new clients per year.


To try to figure this out on your own IS doable…
But, it’s no small task and will take time – years of trial and error.

This is a 20 year shortcut.
This will SAVE you 20 years and 10,000 hours trying to figure this out yourself.

You can start securing referral relationships and set yourself up to start receiving referrals in the next 24 – 72 hours.

I’m not sure what you are doing now…

But I’m guessing that having 10 – 20 (or more) CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys in your area, giving you direct access to 100’s (probably 1000’s) of Mid-HNW QUALIFIED prospects – and referring you at least 2 – 4 ideal new clients every month…

…is a much easier, more professional, consistent, and dependable way to acquire the Mid-HNW and UHNW new clients you want every month.


You don’t need to figure out OR create anything.

Just follow the step-by-step process.

Important – you’ll also know the common pitfalls to avoid,
that can destroy a referral relationship before it gets started…
(i.e. This could save you millions of dollars in lost referrals/clients)

Now, like a proud parent…

You’re going to want to show off your new 10 – 20 referral relationships to your colleagues…BUT…

Remember, there are only so many CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys in your area…so be cautious about WHO you share these results with!

This is why, right now, I’m only looking for 1 Advisor that can handle
an extra 2 – 4 Mid-HNW and UHNW clients per month.

(Warning – It’s likely that I’ve already reached out to over 30 of your colleagues in your area.)

In 25 years of working with your colleagues…
I’ve never seen a more CONSISTENT way to add an extra 5 – 6 figs
to an Advisors monthly revenue.

And, no one else is doing this right now!

Additionally, you’ll get access to these BONUSES

*How to get your COIs to only send you pre-qualified,
ready-to-get-started, ideal, perfect clients every month.

**How to get your COIs to willingly help you DOUBLE the number of referrals (new clients) you receive every month.

*** Time Limited Offer – How to use the “3X Campaign” to generate at least 50 new clients every year from your COIs.

****Ongoing, personalized coaching and support
I’ll be working with you, giving you direct feedback (if needed) so you are on a guaranteed track to receive a steady, dependable and consistent flow of 2 – 4 (or more) new clients every month.

***** NEW BONUS: I’m going to be starting a private network with all of my Referral Relationship Program clients.
That includes the following professionals:
CPAs, Accountants, Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers/Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Cybersecurity/IT, Plastic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Dentists, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Business funding/Lending, Debt elimination/Credit Repair.
**I expect DOZENS of extra referral relationships AND referrals to be exchanged between existing clients within the private network.

If everything above resonates with you,
and you’re ready to start receiving referrals…

Just let me know if you’re IN, out or have a question or two…

If you’ve got a good reputation and proven track record of success in working with Mid-HNW and/or UHNW clients, and realistically have the time and bandwidth to onboard an extra 2 – 4 Mid-HNW or UHNW referrals/new clients every month…

Here’s all you’ve got to do to get started.

Hit the link below…

Set up a time for us to talk to make sure that this will 100% work for you.


I know you want to know HOW this “Reverse-the-Chase” Referral Relationship system works…and why these CPAs and Attorneys will reach out to you first…and why you don’t need to reach out to anyone…and what you need to do to get these COIs to chase you and refer to you.

I get it! I really do…but, this is exactly what you’re paying for.
✅ This is my “secret sauce”.
✅ This is my “11 secret herbs and spices”…

…and I’m not just going to give it away.

What’s holding most Financial Advisors back is they don’t know how to get COIs
and prospects to chase them. The don’t have a clear way to communicate their VALUE in way that NO OTHER Advisor can. (Read that again.)

I’m going to show you HOW to do that, so your prospects ask you,
“Will you accept me as your client?.”

In my experience, Financial Advisors spend A LOT of time prospecting and chasing…and then try to use the “pre-sell”, “pre-close” BEFORE their prospect is dialed-in…

…and then…try to “teach and convince” over the phone which wastes a lot of time and burns through expensive leads, gets a lot of “Let me think about it?” or “Can I call you back?”… and the pressure feels awful for both people.

BUT… when Financial Advisors know how to “Reverse-the-Chase”, and get COIs to want to refer to them…and get ideal prospects to CHASE them…

…adding an extra $20k to $100k (or more) in income per month is simple and FUN!


If the qualifications above sound like you,
and, you are looking to bring in an extra $10MM – $25MM in the next 12 months…

I’ll give you all of the systems, processes, etc., so you can start securing Referral Relationships with some of the most successful COIs in your area…
and start receiving interested, pre-qualified referrals and new clients every month.

  1. You’ll need to invest about 15 – 30 minutes per day to be successful
    (My average Advisor acquires 20 – 40 HNW new clients ($10MM – $25MM) per year. 

  2. You will be in Control of the number of referral relationship you establish.
    You just need to learn and then implement the system.

    You don’t want leads.

You want New Clients.

If all of that resonates with you…

Come in, LEARN the “10 – 20” reverse-the-chase process,
I’m happy to work with you 1-on-1, help you accelerate the lead-to-new client process…whatever it takes…

THEN, you’ll have the systems, skills and ability to create new clients AND cash flow on-demand – all year long, regardless of what the economy is doing. (You become recession proof)

If you’re ready to get OFF the prospecting treadmill
and you want to have 10 – 20 CPAs, Accountants and/or Attorneys send you 2 – 4  HNW new clients every month (20 – 40 per year), you’re just a click away. Schedule your call…and, let’s get started.

Once you’ve done that,
I’ll send you an email with additional information and a Zoom
for our call.


Let’s get started.
(I reserved the right to increase the price on this at any time)


To your success,

Dr. Len

P.S. If you have the time and bandwidth to onboard an extra 20 – 40 Mid-HNW and UHNW referrals every year from COIs makes sense for you and your practice…

Our clients speak:

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