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Financial Advisors


he expects his referral relationships to generate 2M – 4M per year


I generated a $200k client in the first few months


expects to net 700,000 in year 1


Meet with about six see Eliza, Mo, and all have said they don’t currently work with a financial advisor.

Received referrals in his first few months including one of the CPAs.

Expects to generate $300,000 in additional income every year from these.


In my first 30 days in the program, after a first meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney, I received a $1,000,000 referral/new client. I used the Expert Positioning Dr. Len gave me and it worked perfectly.


“I just signed up for your Pro2Pro Service in May. I have a $10M referral, a CPA wants to team up with me to do an event with the Florida Panthers hockey team, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with opportunities!
Thank you!”


4 referrals in his first 3 months …one will net $50,000


Been in practice 37 years.
Already warns $1M+ per year, is a Top 1%er in the profession and decided to add Referral Relationships so that he can double his income without having to market or prospect for new clients.

Lauren G

An Advisor for 27 years.
Talk about HOW she receives a consistent flow of HNW referrals every month.
She has a pending $10,000,000 referral …
But, she’ll also tell you how she generated $3,000,000 in AUM and Annuities last month alone.


Financial advisor Mike shares how he received a $300,000 referral from the CPA and his first month


Listen to how this Advisor received $1M referral in his first 30 days in our Pro2Pro Network service.




I have found a great resource to get in front of CPAs and Attorneys. It is called Pro2Pro Network. I have had 4 CPA appointments this past month. I have 4 more on my schedule now. I was coached on exactly what to say and I had these CPAs eating out of my hand like I was feeding a cow in a petting zoo. NO JOKE! I ran the meeting in the CPA’s office. Pro2Pro scheduled a meeting for me to meet with a partner in the 16th largest CPA firm in the country with over 3 billion in revenues per year. The CPA and I are now both excited to be working/marketing together and Pro2Pro Network made it all happen. I’ve been in practice for 24 years and have had more success with CPAs cozying up to me, with confidence in my abilities, than ever before. I really could not believe how well I was treated from the very first moment I entered into a conversation with the CPAs.

Very Sincerely Yours,
David Zoellner


All he is really says is that I do what I say I can do and that he’ll make 100k off of each referral


Has referrals in the hopper including one of the COIs (Attorney)
Expert Positioning has changed everything for her. Long term referrals will be substantial


I can see receiving at least $1MM in referrals every other month if not more”


“Every COI I’ve met with works with HNW clients.” This should provide business for the next 25 years.

“I don’t know any other Advisors that have a steady flow of referrals from COIs. Now I have 25 – 35 professionals that I can talk to and work with.


With your coaching, I was able to communicate my value and position myself as being better/different than every other Advisor. “This will likely results in millions of dollars in assets under management…and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income every year.”

Financial Advisor Violetta talks about the strategy she using to receive referrals and new clients and Millions of dollars in AUM/year by establishing referral relationships with CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys in her area.


I am positioned to receive referrals and new business for the rest of my practice life.

YES! I Want To Receive Referrals