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Financial Advisors


I couldn’t be happier with the results of the service. You have made good on every single part of the agreement. In fact, I am honestly overwhelmed. I have had 24 wonderful meetings and still have a few more scheduled for the near future. It has been a wonderful experience working with you and your company. I will most definitely be recommending you to my contemporaries in the financial advisory business.”

Brandon S. Handy CLU, AEP, LUTCF, Financial Advisor

Listen to this Advisor who’s generated $300,000+ and 3 referrals in his first 3 1/2 months in the Pro2Pro Network Service.

Brandon S. Handy CLU, AEP, LUTCF, Financial Advisor

“I believe that your service will generate an additional $500,000 – $750,000 or more in actual income for me in the next 12 months…and it will go up from there.”

This Advisor, Alex Kurosawa secured one of the CPAs we introduced him to as a client AND received a referral from an Attorney for approximately $100,000 in income in his first 3 months in our service.

“I received 2 referrals so far in my first 3 months – and one was a CPA I met with. I expect these referral relationships to generate $2 – $4 million every year.” – Chip Gordy

How To Generate a $100,000:1 ROI for every marketing dollar you invest

I believe that the referral relationships that I secured through Pro2Pro Network will generate at least $20M per year in new business.

“I just signed up for your Pro2Pro Service in May. I have a $10M referral, a CPA wants to team up with me to do an event with the Florida Panthers hockey team, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with opportunities!
Thank you!”
– Karli Vasquez-Mendez

“I’ve already received 4 referrals and this service delivers exactly as promised!”
– Kevin Mahoney

Mike Harris talk about his new (multiple) referral relationships, referrals received, and his $60M pending referral as a result of our Pro2Pro Network service

Listen to how this Advisor received $1M referral in his first 30 days in our Pro2Pro Network service.


I have found a great resource to get in front of CPAs and Attorneys. It is called Pro2Pro Network. I have had 4 CPA appointments this past month. I have 4 more on my schedule now. I was coached on exactly what to say and I had these CPAs eating out of my hand like I was feeding a cow in a petting zoo. NO JOKE! I ran the meeting in the CPA’s office. Pro2Pro scheduled a meeting for me to meet with a partner in the 16th largest CPA firm in the country with over 3 billion in revenues per year. The CPA and I are now both excited to be working/marketing together and Pro2Pro Network made it all happen. I’ve been in practice for 24 years and have had more success with CPAs cozying up to me, with confidence in my abilities, than ever before. I really could not believe how well I was treated from the very first moment I entered into a conversation with the CPAs.”

Very Sincerely Yours,
David Zoellner

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Cheryl Burbano

Mark Kamerman

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Greg Jacobson

Shana Hudson

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