If you asked 1000 Advisors if they thought it was possible to meet with and/or receive referrals from CPAs during Tax Season…99% would say “No”.

Here’s what one of your colleagues said to us YESTERDAY:

“I have found a great resource to get in front of CPAs and Attorneys. It is called Pro2Pro Network. I have had 4 CPA appointments this past month. I have 4 more on my schedule now. I was coached on exactly what to say and I had these CPAs eating out of my hand like I was feeding a cow in a petting zoo. NO JOKE! I ran the meeting in the CPA’s office. Pro2Pro scheduled a meeting for me to meet with a partner in the 16th largest CPA firm in the country with over 3 billion in revenues per year. The CPA and I are now both excited to be working/marketing together and Pro2Pro Network made it all happen. I’ve been in practice for 24 years and have had more success with CPAs cozying up to me, with confidence in my abilities, than ever before. I really could not believe how well I was treated from the very first moment I entered into a conversation with the CPAs.”

Very Sincerely Yours,

David Z

Want to find out how to meet with super successful CPAs and Attorneys in your city?

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