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Learn How To Receive Referrals From CPA, Accountants & Attorneys In Your Area!

Here is what you will learn:

– Learn how to meet with other professionals like CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys in your town who are already looking to meet with and/or work with YOU – a Financial Advisor.

– How to receive Fortune 500 level coaching so that you can present yourself in a way that communicates your real VALUE… so that the perception is they cannot find another advisor in your town who does what you do. (This is how you get out of the dime-a-dozen group that professionals have you trapped in!)

– Learn how to receive AND implement multiple marketing initiatives each month so that you consistently generate referrals and new clients.

– PLUS – how to become the most recognized, most respected, most trusted and most referred to advisor in your town!



If you want to double, triple or quadruple your practice – it is likely that you need a MARKETING MAKEOVER!!!

Here is what you will learn:

– Which specific marketing systems to put in place that continuously generate new clients.

– How to secure strong referral partners (CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys, etc) in your city who are already looking to refer to you.

– What to do each month that will automatically generate interest, traffic, leads, sales and name recognition in your city.

– What (and why!) you need to do to position yourself as “the best at what you do” in your city. This is so incredibly important if you want to STAND OUT and get out of the dime-a-dozen category people have you trapped in.



Flat Broke Financial Advisors Don’t Lie!

Here is what you will learn:

– How NOT to become a flat broke Financial Advisor!