Accountant/CPA Marketing

Accountnat/CPA Marketing

Becoming the most recognized, most respected and most REFERRED to CPA/Accountant in your town requires some very strategic networking!
Most CPAs/Accountants will spend thousands of dollars on "eat-for-the-day" Accountant Marketing efforts such as: advertising, direct mail, tele-marketing, newspaper inserts, dinner seminars, etc. Yet, the most powerful, cost-effective, efficient and PRODUCTIVE way to position yourself as the expert in your town is to secure mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals and leaders in your town. These people are referral SOURCES! This is how you enjoy a steady flow of new clients in your door on a regular basis.

Why? Because they already have the respect of their clients. These people are YOUR potential clients.

When you have dozens of Advisors, Attorneys and other financial professionals referring to you on a regular basis - your practice is put on growth auto-pilot!
Plus, you never have to worry about where your next new client is coming from...and you can finally escape from the yo-yo ups and downs of practice.

When another professional refers to you, what they say about you is 100 times more effective than anything you could ever say about yourself.
And, when they are referred to you, there is a 92% chance that they are going to work with you simply because of the referral source.

How would you like to have 10, 20, 30 or more Advisors, Attorneys and/or other professionals referring to you on a regular basis?